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Rural Internship

As per the directive of the ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, a Technical programme should comprise of at least 20% courses on Humanities and Management. For better execution of policies during one’s professional career, a technocrat is required to come to terms with the realities of life. In India, Rural population comprises of nearly 70% of the country’s total population. In a developing nation like India, cities are getting saturated rapidly in many ways and the onus on administrative machinery is to focus on rural areas for development. In this regard, it has become mandatory to know and understand rural life and its demography. It is in this reference, School of Petroleum Technology, under the aegis of Pandit Deendayal Energy University, established by a special act of Assembly (2007), has introduced Summer Rural Internship (SRI) as a course in B.Tech Petroleum Engineering Programme for first year students.

Urban Renewal Mission Internship

An internship, as defined by SLS, PDEU internship program, is a structured opportunity that allows students to apply academic skills and knowledge in the work place. Experiential education, that is based on a set of learning objectives help student to prepare and meet career responsibilities after graduation.

Industry Orientation

School of Petroleum Technology emphasizes on integrated development in teaching, research and overall grooming of students.
It is in this reference, 2nd year B. Tech. students are scheduled to visit various industries across the country with view to get familiar with Industry Operations in Oil and Gas Industry including exploration, drilling, production, transportation, refining, distribution, electricity generation, and research activities.

Community Development

PDEU has undertaken community development initiative with an objective to be part of the growth of the surrounded villages and to sensitize and motivate university students to be a part of societal progress along with their own development.
To start with PDEU has organized summer workshop for the children between age group of 6 years to 15 years of 5 nearby villages namely Raisan, Koba, Kudasan, Sargasan and Por.
The objectives of the summer workshops are to:
• Broaden their exposure & understanding • Accelerate their learning process • Build confidence
• Develop creativity • To open new horizon for vocation

Corporate Internships

The Corporate Internships ensure that the student at SLS gets an exposure and acquaintance with the corporate dealings. The students go beyond the classroom and gain experience in their respective and related fields. They work practically and get a chance to connect their academic knowledge with the well-known companies of corporate world. The opportunity to participate with the workforce enables the student to gain a real know how of the established business and industries.

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