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PDPU has launched School of Liberal Studies which currently offers a four year Bachelor in Liberal Studies that equips a student to develop an array of intellectual skills, a variety of methodologies or ways of understanding our changing world, and a broad base of varied knowledge. In turn, such a liberal education establishes an invaluable foundation for more specialized study in one's major or in one of the professions, and for a life-long affinity for learning and continuing intellectual development.

The course imparts classical education in various fields like art, literature, languages, music, dramatics, philosophy, politics, history, law, mathematics, science and general studies. It emphasizes on the need to seek knowledge for knowledge’ sake, promoting intellectual growth, creative expression and rational thought.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

In order to develop fully rounded and responsible future leaders, PDPU introduces an innovative course of Bachelor of Liberal Studies. The duration of this course is of four years and it is a fully residential undergraduate programme. School of Liberal Studies gives full exposure to students by offering wide range of interdisciplinary subjects such as social science, humanities and arts, history, economics, political science etc. The Undergraduate Programme will enable students to participate in the research initiatives and uniquely creative pedagogy to develop their analytical and critical skills.

The undergraduate programme consist of eight semesters which are as under: Students at SLS will study General Education from semester one to five which will be common for all students and minimum credit requirement is of 50 credit points.

At the end of the fifth semester students can opt for minor and major subjects according to their interests and aspirations.

The major and minor programs attract students who wish to explore the most intellectually engaging and promising interdisciplinary fields under the direction of scholars who are pioneers in charting these new areas and methods of inquiry. The University has been and continues to be, an incubator for new ideas, combining experimental programs and courses with a curriculum designed to promote the ideals of a Liberal Studies education.

PDPU SLS Major subjects: Minimum credits 40 and Maximum 60 credits.
PDPU SLS Minor subjects: Minimum credits 30.

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