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Role of the Office

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs advises and assists the faculty in obtaining and administering externally funded sponsored projects and research grants and contracts, and administers faculty and student grant programs funded by the University.

The office serves as a center for information regarding research and sponsored programs funding sources, primary and intermediary contact with external sponsors and their contact personnel. The office administers and provides assistance in the preparation and submission of proposals, and management of grants and contracts following an award.

The ORSP is also responsible for University policies and procedures in relation to research and sponsored programs and should be used as a source of information.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs exists to stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate research efforts and sponsored project activity. This web site is assembled to support student and faculty to supplement the individual assistance offered to you by the ORSP Team. Please notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (Ext. 5059, First Floor, SPT Building) as soon as you decide to submit a proposal so that we may provide the coordination necessary to ensure the best chance for its eventual funding.

Research is the foundation of education. It is vital to career of our faculty members and to the viability of The Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. The University encourages and supports research and sponsored program efforts.


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